Picture a 20-something couple walking into a theater. She is wearing plastic leg brace with metal hinges strapped around the top of her left thigh and down to her ankle. I almost expect her to squeak like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz as she hobbles without crutches behind him. He walks briskly with what I could only imagine as a complete disregard for her injuries or abbreviated pace. I’m too far away to hear what he says to the cashier at the ticket counter as he pulls a credit card from his wallet. I expect him to buy two tickets to the show and am shocked to see that he walks away with only one. He heads towards the rows of seats leaving her balancing precariously on one leg vainly attempting to keep weight off the injured one. She fumbles with her purse, produces her credit card and buys a ticket. She then side shuffles to the far end of the row of seats to join him where he is already sitting and looking at his smartphone. 

What bothers me about this entire scenario is that I have absolutely NO IDEA if this date is going well or horribly by today’s standards and it makes me feel old.