We Live In Different Worlds

Recently, I’ve noticed white people going for morning walks sipping hot coffee from open ceramic mugs taken from their kitchens. I can’t imagine a world where nothing would happen to cause me to spill that open cup of coffee. I could trip. I could be startled by a barking dog. I could be set upon by a mugger in the dark or a police officer in the daylight. I could be chased by a charging werebear or a flock of ravenous hunger birds hungry for blood. If I were to walk with a hot beverage, I would only do so with a sealed travel mug. A person carrying a travel mug has a sense of danger even if it’s only a minor one like being clumsy. A travel mug says “I’m ready for anything.” Walking around with an open mug of hot liquid tells the world “I’m confident that nothing is going to happen to me.” I don’t know if it’s ignorance, foolishness or maybe they really exist in a world where nothing has ever or will ever happen to them. A world where a shadows never haunted anyone? A world where a reflection never snatched a childhood friend through the mirror never to be seen again? I envy their safe, comfortable existence. Not all of us are so blessed.